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Bradley Knitted Hat Donations Page

From Natasha Darius – Board Member:

In an effort to alleviate some of the financial hardships faces in these trying times, I’ve been knitting hats as a fundraiser.
And just a reminder that the hats are handmade to order, so I need a few days to get them out in the mail.
Each hat is ($20) twenty dollars and all proceeds will go directly to the Bradley Playhouse for operational expenses.

(Note: the hats are hand made and do take some time to knit and we want you to get a good quality hat, WE Thank You for you patience )

Orders are first come first serve.
If you have pre purchase questions press the evelope button to send an email to Natasha.

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Knitted Hat - Donation to the Bradley Playhouse: $20

30 Front Street | Putnam, CT 06260