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Make a Donation TODAY!

As a 501(c)(3) organization, financial support, in any amount, helps to ensure that The Bradley Playhouse continue to create high quality theater for years to come. 


supports activities such as the creation of our Show Posters, programs, social media marketing, props, and costuming accessories.


supports initiatives including the maintenance and upkeep of our scenes, props, costume shops, Box Office, and volunteer office areas.


supports among other things the maintenance and upkeep of technical equipment throughout the theater


supports initiatives including educational opportunities and the maintenance and upkeep of our rigging equipment


supports new initiatives within the theater such as the concession area renovation project and the scene shop build-out


supports initiatives like the purchase of a new projector and screen to bring back movie nights to The Bradley!

Image by Manos Gkikas
Donors Frame
DONERS - Christine Wladimir Petruniw
“We have donated to the Bradley Playhouse because we want to support the Arts and have the Bradley continue to provide outstanding shows for the region.  It also gives us a sense of belonging to the theatre community.”

Christine & Wladimir Petruniw


It takes many helping hands to keep every show at The Bradley running smoothly. For every actor, there are three unseen heroes generously contributing their time. We are always searching for volunteers willing to help out.

  • Set builders and scenic painters

  • Stagehands (work backstage moving sets & props)

  • Props managers & construction of custom props

  • Set Dressers

  • Make-Up & Hair Artists

  • Costumers (finding, creating and sewing costumes)

  • Lighting & Sound technicians

  • Producers, Show Directors, Stage Managers, Technical Directors and Pit Orchestra Musicians

  • Concessions Stand

  • Will Call Table

  • Greeter / Ticket Taker

  • Programs

  • Main Floor and Balcony Ushers

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